Eden, Yun, Donna & Chris

Eden – Project Manager

Eden Robins wrote novels and magazine articles before joining the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) team in 2008. Her editing skills from her “other life” assist her in the detailed quality control and metadata creation needed on this project. As an author, her creative side helps her write the required essays about the 13 Arizona newspapers being digitized for the Library of Congress website, and lastly her publicity skills aid in creating promotional copy for the NDNP brochure and website.

Donna Schenk, Image Specialist

Donna Schenk worked for over nine years as the microfilm technician for Records Management before joining the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) in 2009. Using her strict attention to detail as an image specialist of the NDNP team, Donna is in charge of checking the quality of newspaper images as well as the accuracy of the metadata submitted about these periodicals. Her keen ability to stay focused on organizing an immense amount of data, combined with her sense of humor and kind heart make her a valued member of this team.

Christopher Sloan, Image Specialist

Chris Sloan is a part-time Quality Control Analyst on the NDNP staff. Chris completed his Masters of Heritage Preservation with a Public History Concentration at Georgia State University in 2012 and will be working towards a Masters of Education at Arizona State University starting Fall of 2013. He has previously worked as a docent and assistant collections manager at the Georgia State Capitol Museum. In his spare time, he organizes his music collections like a true nerd and bores his wife half to death with historical trivia that only he could possibly care about.

Yunjung Carroll, Project Advisor

Yunjung Carroll uses her creativity from her Master’s Degree in Graphic Art, her planning, organizing and executing abilities from her PMP credentials and a positive, supportive leadership approach to successfully manage the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). This grant project is funded through the Library of Congress and National Endowment for the Humanities. Three years into a possible six year grant period, NDNP has digitized 13 of Arizona’s territorial newspaper titles, ranging from as far back as 1859 and as recently as 1922.