Inquest from the Gunfight at the OK Corral

Our director, Dr. Melanie Sturgeon, wasn’t quite sure how to take it when she got a call on April Fool’s Day of 2010 from the Cochise County Superior Court with the “news” that they’d just located the inquest from the gunfight at the OK Corral. For some wild west enthusiasts and historians, this was the holy grail of records!


In fact, staff at the courts had located the inquest, tucked away in an evidence locker. The document, covered in petrified scotch tape and smelling strongly of marijuana from the evidence locker, was transferred to the State Archives with much fanfare. Calls poured in from across the globe, and the document was covered in international articles such as this one!

Because of the high demand, the documents have been digitized and added to the Arizona Memory Project, on display HERE. Happy Browsing!


Denise Lundine (left) of the Cochise County Superior Court transfers the inquest to former State Librarian Gladys Ann Wells and former Secretary of State Ken Bennett.