Navigating Arizona School Records


Photograph of a School Zone sign on United States Highway #66 at Truxton Canyon Indian School, Mohave County (Ariz.)

We’ve been getting a number of requests related to student records, so we put together a guide to where to find these records for K-12 schools in Arizona. Please see the list of questions below to help determine where to look for student records. Please be aware that our records consist of school transcripts, but we do not receive high school diplomas. And as always, we adhere to federal privacy legislation – in this case the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

What kind of school did you attend?

  • Private School – the State Archives does not have these records. Contact the school, if still in operation. The National Association of Private Schools maintains a roster of current membership.
    • We’ve noticed a number of requests have come from the Judson School, which is now closed. THIS LINK appears to be useful for locating those records.
  • Public Schools – generally, these are held by the school district of which the school was a part.
    • The State Archives does have a handful of St. David’s School records (ca. 1925-1983), Coolidge school records (ca. 1935-1944), and Santa Cruz County school records (ca. 1900-1930). Please call 602.926.3720 if you believe your records may be held at the State Archives.
    • For Maricopa County School records, call 602.452.4700, ext. 4764
  • Charter Schools – we have some student records for schools that are no longer in operation. Contact the Board of Charter Schools at 602.364.3080 to check the status of the school, or call the State Archives at 602.926.3720.
    • The Board of Charter Schools maintains a list of closed charter schools, organized according to which are maintained by the Board and which are maintained here at the State Archives: 
    • If we have the records, students will be required to fill out a form and include photo ID.
    • Examples of charter schools for which we maintain records include: Shadow Ridge, Future Development Education, Star Academy, Dove Academy, Carmel Community Arts and Tech, Eco Tech Academy, Arete School, Terra Nova, Dragonfleye Science, Mountain English Spanish Academy (MESA), Terra Rosa, PV Montessori, Arizona Montessori, Renaissance, 4-Winds Academy, Right Step Academy, Tri-City Vo-Tech, and Citizen 2000.
  • Indian Schools – administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Send name, DOB, Parents’ names, original signature, contact info to: National Archives at Riverside, ATTN Archivist, 23123 Cajalco Road, Perris, CA 92570—or call 951.956.2000
  • East Valley High School (closed school on Luke Air Force Base) – part of Maricopa County School District: 602.452.4700, ext. 4764
    • Not to be confused with “East High School,” located near 48th Street and Roosevelt and closed in 1985. These records were transferred to the Phoenix Union High School. Their records clerk can provide access to student records at: 602.764.1002.
  • Schools attended while in Juvenile Corrections: 623.869.9050, ext. 4764

Photograph of Central School, also called Globe Public School, in Globe (Ariz.)