Happy Archives Month!

October is Archives Month across the country, and here in Arizona, we decided to focus our annual Archives Month Poster on Ghost Towns of Arizona! We chose the theme to focus on towns in their heyday, but to also look at how these towns look today. Towns would spring up as part of boom or bust economies, often centered on resources such as mining, ranching, or timber. We’re delighted this year to have a good representation from across the state – everything from Metcalf, the copper town in Greenlee County, to Charleston, the mill town in Cochise County that provided timber for Tombstone. If you’d like your own copy of the poster, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page! 

Archives Month poster 2015

The 2015 Archives Month Poster!

We also took the opportunity to explore and display some of the goodies from our own collections, and you can stop by and see them in our display case in the reading room!

GhostTowns3 GhostTowns2 GhostTowns1We’re happy to mail you a copy of the Archives Month Poster! Just provide us with a little information here!