ADNP and the Capitol Museum

-Special Guest Post by Coleen Shull, ADNP Intern

The Arizona Digital Newspaper Program (ADNP) and the Arizona State Capitol Museum team up again to bring you a new interactive exhibit that brings to life politics in Arizona through political cartoons! This display will be unveiled on September 12, 2015.

The ADNP and the Capitol Museum staff have brainstormed the best way to bring to life Arizona’s political history through select political cartoons found among the ADNP’s digital collection. Political cartoons were a way for Arizona to praise, attack or even ridicule the current political issues affecting Arizona’s campaign for statehood in Washington. Interested in politics during Arizona’s Territorial days? Fascinated with Arizona’s political attitude when campaigning for statehood? Want to see how Arizona’s statehood was achieved? All of this and more can be learned in a visually interesting and amusing way, through the political cartoons found in the pages of Arizona’s Territorial papers.

The exhibit will feature cartoons that reflect Arizona’s political journey to statehood. Visitors will also be able to interact with this display by utilizing two Surface Tablet touchscreens. We’ll keep you updated on this display’s progress as we move along!

27 August 1910 Page 6 Bisbee Daily Review1