ADNP in the Capitol Museum

-Guest Post by Christopher Sloan of the Arizona Digital Newspaper Program

The Arizona Digital Newspaper Program (ADNP) and the Arizona State Capitol Museum are teaming up to bring the Territorial Governors to life through the lens of the ADNP’s digital newspaper collection in an exhibit in the Capitol Museum!

The exhibit is still in the planning stages. ADNP and the Capitol Museum staff are exhibitblog1brainstorming the best ways to bring the ADNP’s digital collections to the public’s fingertips. The Capitol Museum has given ADNP an interactive kiosk with a touchscreen that will allow visitors to peer into the lives of the Territorial Governors through its collection of newspapers.  Want to know Anson P.K. Safford’s position on Native Americans and public schooling? Interested in Alexander Brodie’s mustering of the First Territorial Regiment during the Spanish-American War? Dying to find out what Mrs. Kibbey and the Friday Club were working on in 1909? All of this and more can be found in the pages of Arizona’s territorial papers.

The exhibit will include materialexhibitblog2 from the newspapers on the major events and accomplishments of the Territorial Governors as well as a brief tutorial on how to use the ADNP database to aid in further research.  We also hope to include graphics and signage on and around the kiosk that will inform and interest visitors in the ADNP’s work. Most of this still only exists in our heads right now, but we will be keeping you updated on its progress as we move along!