Welcome to the Archives, Forestry Division Records!

This poster adorned my bedroom door growing up for as long as I can remember.

This poster adorned my bedroom door growing up for as long as I can remember.

I’ve long been interested in forest fire history. My soils scientist Dad always missed my birthday growing up because he was away at forest fires, but when he returned, he would tell me about how forest fires were part of an important natural cycle. He talked about how stumps and snags provided habitat for critters, and how the best Huckleberries grew in areas burned by forest fires. Years later, I read about forest fires in books like Stephen Pyne’s Year of the Fires and Timothy Egan’s The Big Burn. (Fun fact: Stephen Pyne teaches right here in Arizona at ASU, and has also written about the Grand Canyon and other local topics!)

With that in mind, I was really excited when we got some new forest fire records in from the Arizona State Forestry Division yesterday. (It wasn’t just me…my coworker Dennis and I were drawing straws over who gets to process the records!) The Forestry Division records document the Rodeo–Chediski Fire, the Monument Fire, and others. And I have to say, they did an amazing job of creating dream records that will be fantastic research resources.The collection is chock full of comprehensive reports (complete with images, maps, tables, etc.), photographs, maps, and many other documents. Check out a couple of examples of what we received below! We’re delighted to add this to the stable of wonderful records we have here at the State Archives.    -Libby