Happy Hollinger Days – Redux

GreetingsHello friends! Last year, we brought you good tidings of our Reading Room tree, complete with white gloves. This year, we think we’ve outdone ourselves. We’ve added microfilm as garland (don’t worry…they were duplicates!), red pencils as icicles, and of course, acid-free Hollinger boxes under the tree.

PollyTree PollyTreeClose

But the holidays aren’t just a chance for us to revel in our own decorations…they’re also a chance to celebrate our festive collections! (Be sure to stop by and check out our display of holiday greetings from our holdings)

For instance, here we have a picture of some Harvey Girls celebrating at the El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon in 1950.


And somehow, we got this picture of a tree from the Mohave County Historical Society in Kingman. Nice train!


Not to be outdone, we have our own cool train photos. Here, we have a festive photo of the French Merci Train, a train of 49 cars filled with gifts of gratitude to the citizens of the United States from the citizens of France in 1948. The gifts were thanks for several boxcars filled with relief supplies from the U.S. to France during World War II, and one car was given to each of the 48 states and to Washington DC. (Insert shameless plug for the Arizona Capitol Museum HERE. They have some of the truly wonderful contents of the Merci Train on display there at 1701 West Washington Street)


And then sometimes we get pictures that just make us smile…