The Gipper & the Westward Ho

Last month, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce asked us to join the likes of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Author David McCullough for a day of history. We brought along some of our goodies (the Constitution), and had the chance to rub shoulders with some pretty famous folks. As it turns out, the Chamber of Commerce hosted some other famous folks 51 years ago…you may have heard of one of them. Wendi Goen found this little gem among Governor Paul Fannin’s records. We also noticed that this event took place at the Westward Ho, a fabulous old Hotel in downtown Phoenix that has been converted into residences for people 65 and older. We had a very dapper patron visit us recently, and he tells us that the Westward Ho once boasted a rooftop bar called the “Top of the Ho.” Sounds like quite the spot! Here is an early image of the Westward Ho from the 1920s. (It was completed in 1928).